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Life and Sex Therapy Center

Here To Support You Every Step Of The Way

Our Commitment To You


Our top priority is providing you with quality counseling services while giving you a new experience in therapy. Truly hearing your needs must always be our objective. We seek to reduce the stigma and shame of sexual dysfunction and sexual addictions while providing quality counseling therapy to all, including persons of color and LGBTQ.

One consistent theme we have noticed throughout our 10 years of clinical experience was complaints that counselors were using a standardized, "cookie-cutter approach" to helping clients. Leaving those seeking help, with sex addiction for instance, feeling unheard, shamed, and without resolve. 






Diagnosing and rigid treatment planning was replacing human-centered, relational therapy- in other words, many counselors were forgetting the uniqueness of their clients and falling into a routine, monotonous pattern of "treatment."


We bring back the art of listening and honoring the unique relationship we have with each client we support. 

Dandelion Leaves

We founded Life and Sex Therapy Center after a decade of clinical experience in walking with individuals and couples through pain and uncertainty. We recognized the need to integrate compassionate counseling with treatment for sex addiction and other life's challenges, never ignoring ones sexual orientation ,race, age- never ignoring all the attributes of ones humanness. 


We invite you to take a look at our individual bio pages to learn a bit more about who we are as clinicians and why we do what we do. 

We are here for you. Your call or emails are always welcome.


-Dominic and Maxine

Maxine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Certified Sex Therapist Candidate with over 10 years of Clinical Experience.

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Dominic is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist as well as EMDR trained. Dominic has over 10 years of Clinical Experience.

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We offer Warm and Confidential Spaces

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